I'm Amelia Benjamin

A Development Researcher, Tik Toker and Writer

Looking for my next opportunity to be creative. The digital way.

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Hello I am Amelia. An inherently curious, highly motivated and determined researcher/content creator. My passion lies in storytelling and connecting people. I am eager to hone my skills and learn new ones going forward in my career.

Content Creation Writing

Campaign Planning

Storytelling Social Media

Research & Fact Checking

Presenting Creative Initiatives

I create social media content, write articles and assist in planning national campaigns

I have experience working on live events, multi-pronged campaigns, written, social & digital content. Commended for my written and oral communication skills which, when combined with my interpersonal skills, enable me to address the needs of others to the highest degree.

I have a keen interest in storytelling.  I usually express this through spoken word and scriptwriting. However, in recent years this interest has led me to find enjoyment in other areas such as social media and campaign development.

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Four Walls

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